Terms and Condtions

This website provides a voluntary minister matching service to assist Virginia Baptist Churches as they seek to identify possible candidates for a ministry opportunity and to ministers seeking a place of ministry. It attempts to assist churches and potential candidates by matching certain basic criteria regarding vacancy positions to candidates who submit their resumes based on education, experience, and other pertinent ministry data and preferences. Personal and professional knowledge of candidates is often limited. References should be secured by the church in every instance and beverified along with other background information. This service does not represent an endorsement of a particular individual or reference about competency to minister.

As a service to churches, pastors and staff members, it is our goal to facilitate God’s work by introducing possible matches for churches and ministers. This process is undergirded by prayer and is a good-faith attempt to be helpful to each. Confidentiality and respect are important ingredients of this process.

Churches and ministers need also to seek continuously the leadership of God’s spirit and direction throughout this process. Each has the responsibility to seek out relevant information about the other in order to be clear about the opportunity and the candidate.

Since pastors and ministers voluntarily submit their information on this website we do not necessarily endorse nor recommend any candidate whose name and resume is given to a church. Rather, the names and resumes given to a church serve as a means of introduction only and have been identified through computerized matching software. Churches who utilize this matching process need to verify the information including education, places of previous service, references and to conduct independent background checks.

It is also understood that the "best potential outcomes" occurs when churches and ministers are the right match for the other. This process needs to be deliberate and may take longer than anyone originally planned. We must each seek God’s leadership and direction to facilitate the right match. We do not guarantee any of the names or resumes given to a church are the “right match” or God’s person for the position. This can only be determined by the church as she prayerfully considers each candidate and seeks God's guidance.

At the same time Candidates are not promised a successful match with the church to which their names are given. We reserve the right not to distribute or share a candidate’s name and/or resume. Candidates also understand we are not under any obligation to send their resumes to any church. If a candidate desires, the resumes of candidates may be shared with other Baptist organizations. The sharing of resumes with churches is confidential and while candidates will receive an email to let them know their resume has been sent, we will not share with candidates if where their resumes are sent.

Utilization of this system and process by churches, ministers, and individuals is completely voluntary. Churches, candidates and all users of this system agree not to hold The Baptist General Association of Virginia liable in any way. Churches are solely responsible for background checks and final decisions regarding the calling or employment of any individual.